Zurich – the city with the best quality of life in the world | Switzerland

The Swiss capital of Zurich is a smart, clean, businesslike city with plenty to see and do. It is easy to reach by air from most European airports, or you can get there by train or car from France, Italy or Germany.

Zurich is in one of the more Germanic parts of Switzerland, and you will find most people speak German here, though English is also widely spoken. As far as historic sites of interest in Zurich go, you can explore the old town or “Altstadt”, which features quaint cobbled streets and plenty of old churches, as well as cute, unique shops and restaurants.

Zurich City photo
Photo by notjustnut

Zurich Swan

You can either explore by yourself, or arrange a walking tour. You may also like the Great Church, or “Grossmunster”, which is a beautiful cathedral dating back to the 12th century, and offers outstanding views over the city.

Zurich also boasts some very interesting museums, including the Swiss National Museum, and more unusual attractions like the Toy Museum and the Planetarium. It also offers a world class zoo, as well as a wildlife park and botanical gardens. There are also plenty of galleries and museums for art lovers.

If cosmopolitan shopping and socialising is more your thing, then the Banhofstrasse, famous for being home to some of the most important (and richest) banks in the world, offers world class luxury shopping, in a pleasant, upmarket and very European setting.

For relaxation, why not try the Zurich Thermalbad and Spa, which is a great traditional thermal baths and includes a breathtaking rooftop spa pool.

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